Therapy & Rehab Care | Home Service
Total Care Provider provides Therapy & Rehab care services to individuals in their own homes and communities, who need assistance caring for themselves as a result of age, sickness, disability and/or other inflictions.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy services include, but are not limited to the following activities:
• Impaired swallowing, expression, comprehension, cognitive/memory, speech and voice
• Nonverbal communication
• Oral/facial muscle weakness
• Caregiver instruction/establish home program
Physical Therapy
Energy Conservation
Muscle stimulation
Joint Protection
Body Mechanics
Gait Training
Occupational Therapy
Work with individuals who are:
Mentally, Physically, Developmentally, Emotionally disabled
They Develop, Recover, Improve Reasoning Abilities, Maintain daily living and Work Skills
Physical/Occupational Therapy services include, but are not limited to the following activities:
• Active/passive range of motion, gait training
• Endurance training, energy conservation
• Home exercise programs, transfer training
• Ultrasound treatment, muscle stimulation
• Joint mobilization, muscle re-education
• Joint protection/body mechanics
• Ortho-surgical rehab
• Prosthetic training
Medical Social Services
Adherence to treatment plan
Coping Skills
Counsel Patients
Ability to Care for Self
Advice Caregivers.

Medical Social Services include, but are not limited to the following activities:
• Ability to care for self
• Supported caregiver
• Environment for safety issues
• Coping skills
• Adherence to treatment plan
• Long-range care planning
• Grief, loss, depression, anxiety or suicidal thoughts

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